Paul Jaras AIFD Represents Canada

3rd place Gateway to the Americas Cup


June 6 - 10, Orlando, Florida…

I was thrilled to be invited to compete in this International Floral Design competition.  There were 5 tasks over 3 days. They were:  Tablescape "Love is in the Air" and was sponsored by FTD with containers by Accent Decor.  I placed 1st in this category. We completed a design with just foliage - supplied by Fern Trust - with container by Accent Decor.  Definitely a challenge - not something we as florists do often. The 3rd task, Bridal Bouquet "with dramatic cascade" was an interesting category. We were permitted to bring design components, although they had to be assembled on site.  I choose an Art Nouveau interpretation using miniature white calla - the lines were stunning!  For "Nature Inspired" we were given a beautiful piece of exotic wood - I honoured the piece by treating it as a landscape with dramatic focus on two red ginger flowers and Oncidium orchids by Amy Orchids.   The last task - "Magnificent Millinery" was a favourite of mine.  I have long been interested in ladies hat making - and this was a chance to do it.  My hat was a big hit!  Check out photos in the gallery.

National Title - Winner

1st place at the Maple Leaf Cup

Qualifier for the FTd interflora fleurop World Cup of Floral Design

Philadelphia, PA, USA - March 2019


This competition was the qualifier for the FTD World Cup of Floral Design, the most prestigious international competition!  FTD is my sponsor and I will represent Canada in the "Floral Olympics"!

Paul jaras will represent Canada At the World Cup next year

What an honour!  I placed 1st in the National competition; the third annual Maple Leaf Cup.  Held in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta Canada - I worked on 3 designs, as did the 19 other floral artists.  Three categories:  (from front to back)  "Grand Opening arrangement for a 5-star Hawaiian Resort", "Necklace" and "Hand-tied Bouquet".  Beautiful tropical flowers were supplied by Hawaiian growers, brought in directly from the Islands.  I created an arrangement that was taller than I am!  A close-up of the necklace below.


3rd place  - Pacific Northwest floral design competitioin - vancouver, bc 


On March 17, 2018, I competed in the 3rd Annual Pacific Northwest Floral Design Competition in Vancouver, BC Canada.  I joined floral 18 artists from the US and Canada.  (from left to right, above). "Grand Opening Arrangement for an Apple Store" - this sleek minimalist design was meant to capture the simplicity and contemporary style of Apple.  Next, the "Tropical Nouveau Bridal Bouquet" combined tropical orchids and anthurium with flowers from temperate climates: roses, viburnum and miniature gerbera.  The final category, "Headpiece for a Boho Bride" featured David Austin "Juliet" garden roses, and contrasting red-orange alstroemeria and "Deep Purple" dendrobium orchids from Green Point Nurseries - Hilo, Hawaii.